Loan repayment calculator

A calculator to work out what your minimum weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayment would be.

Budget planner calculator

Input all your incomings and outgoings to see if you are in surplus or have a shortfall.

Home loan offset calculator

Find out how much extra money you can save by depositing funds in your offset account.

Intro rate loan calculator

Calculate what the effect of an introductory offer has on your loan.

Property buying cost calculator

Calculate what all the costs will add up to when buying a property.

Split loan calculator

Calculate your repayments and total interest under different fixed and variable rate scenarios.

Mortgage Switching Calculator

A calculator to work out what your savings will be by changing to a lower interest rate loan.

Borrowing power calculator

Find out how much you can borrow based on your salary and existing financial commitments.

Compound interest calculator

This calculator shows how compounding your interest increases your savings.

How long to repay calculator

Set the amount you’d like to pay per period and calculate how long it takes to pay off your loan.

Leasing calculator

A calculator to work out what your leasing costs are and residual payment at end of term.

Property selling calculator

Calculate what all the costs will add up to when selling a property.

Income annualisation calculator

Determine your annual income from the income that has been accruing for less than a full year.

Tax Depreciation Calculator

Estimates the likely depreciation deductions claimable for all types of property

Stamp duty calculator

Stamp duty adds significantly to the cost of buying a property. Find out just how much it will cost in you.

Credit card calculator

Work out how long it will take to pay off your credit card with minimum or extra repayments.

Your Income tax calculator

A calculator that will work out how much income tax that you will have to pay on your gross income.

Loan comparison calculator

Compare different loans with honeymoon rates, upfront fees, etc

Reverse mortgage calculator

Use the equity in your home to receive a lump sum or a periodic payment.

Income gross-up calculator

This tool calculates gross income based on net income, using ATO’s tax rates.

Comparison rate calculator

This will wrap up your interest payments and fees and expresses all these costs in one rate.

Extra repayment calculator

How much you can save when you make extra repayments throughout your loan.

Interest-only calculator

Dual calculator that shows a Principal & Interest loan or just an Interest Only loan.

Lump sum repayment calculator

What will be the effect on your loan if you pay off a lump sum at some time

Your Savings calculator

A calculator so you can watch your interest grow as you save over time.

Rent vs Buy calculator

Work out if you can afford to purchase your own home, based on your current rental payments.